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Color Magic

Magic can take many forms, but Color Magic is what the Akari are most known for.

On Lyra, magic is a part of everything. While it may be more potent in some places, and people, its effects can be felt everywhere. Magic can take many forms, but the most prominent form is Color Magic. There are six main Colors of Magic, each linked to a specific element. They are:

Yellow – Electricity
Red – Fire
Blue – Water
Purple – Wind
Green – Life
Orange – Earth

Like Lumite, some people are born with a vibrational frequency that attracts magic. These magical peoples’ frequencies align with a specific color, and therefore element, that can be seen in their eye color and their Aura (also known as a Shade). There have been occasions where an individual is equally balanced across all six colors of magic, but it’s exceedingly rare.

Within each color are subsets – for example the aquamarine shade of blue is linked to ice magic.

A connection to magic does not mean one must use it, but should they choose to, they must first learn how (the exception to this is Elves who use magic instinctually). The Akari Order is Lyra’s most prominent teacher of using magic, or as they call it, channeling Kaos. Though equally as important in their teachings is how not to use Kaos: “Kaos is infinite, yet static. Perfectly in balance. For every action is a reaction. For every life, there is death. For every creation there is destruction.”

Magic is not only for the naturally gifted and initiated. Lumite mining has led to an abundance of magical technology, such as Starpowder (a Lumite-based form of gunpowder), airships, and blackmarket Starstaffs, that will grant the gift of color magic to all who can afford it.

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