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For both the seasoned adventurer and total noob, we’re thrilled to introduce Starfall as a campaign setting for D&D 5E.

Our adaptation keeps the core mechanics you love, while infusing the unique essence of Starfall. Explore new horizons in the Skylands, bustling with life above the Mainland. Engage in dynamic airship travel and combat, navigating the skies and clashing with formidable pirates and sky monsters.

We’re excited to unveil original species and classes, enhancing the D&D universe with our own twist. From the stealthy Tompoko to the mighty Norvund, each character brings a distinct flavor to your journey. Experience innovative classes like the Kaos-channeling Akari and the ingenious Tinker Rogue, adding new dimensions to your role-playing experience.

We’ve also built completely new Airship mechanics that let you upgrade, battle, and make a life upon the high skies.

And of course we couldn’t forget Sprite Battling, a staple of Lyran culture. Adventurers will be able to collect, train, and battle their magical creatures anywhere; from the dingiest taverns to the lavish courts of nobility.

This is just the beginning! The Starfall Campaign Setting is teeming with more surprises and innovations. Stay connected, join our Discord, and be part of the evolving Starfall universe. Your input is invaluable – after all, it’s our passionate community that has brought Starfall from the digital realm to the tabletop. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Playtest Demo

Start your adventure with our official 5e Campaign demo.


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