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Community Update 8

Greetings Skyward Adventurers! As we make our way through March, we want to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey that unfolded throughout February for the Starfall Team! It was both a month of monumental achievements and unexpected twists in the road…

So let us begin with Starfall: The Campaign!

⚔️ Save the Aioli!

Led by our Founders Chrissy Costanza and Tucker Roberts, along with their band of intrepid souls, we have embarked on the maiden voyage into the enchanting realm of the Starfall 5E setting! The culmination of years of dedication and meticulous preparation, this inaugural adventure has been nothing short of magical – peppered with breadfruit, Skywhales, pickpocketing, spontaneous Pirate music, and, of course, feline companions.

For those who joined us for the first two Campaign livestreams, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. If you missed out, fear not! Catch up on the excitement by watching the stream of Session One and Two here: From the euphoria of an Elven Rave, to the heart-wrenching theft of the crew’s beloved vessel, The Aeolian (aka: the S.S. Aioli), every moment of the Campaign has been a testament to the boundless possibilities of Starfall.

However, it was only the beginning…

📖 The Saga Continues

This week we will be reuniting with our daring crew (hopefully adorned in costume) as they continue The Campaign and attempt to pursue the pirates who have stolen their ship… and their crew CAT, Pippin!

Be sure to tune in and witness the unfolding saga tomorrow at 9 a.m. PST at!

🎮 Minecraft Update

Here at Starfall we’ve experimented with many platforms and have found that a D&D 5e setting best allows us to showcase our world’s deep lore and diverse cultures in a way that is perfect for a first time Starfall experience. However, in order to deliver on the promise that a 5e setting holds, requires the full dedication of team resources and focus. While what our Minecraft team has been creating is amazing, innovative, and unique – it has become clear that now is not the right time for the Realm of Lyra to be blockified.

But fear not! This is NOT the end of our Minecraft Team’s journey. Our intrepid game team, under the guidance of Dylan, has chosen to take the amazing work done here and embark on a new venture, creating a brand new company – Starfury. Akin to Starfall in spirit (airships and skylands galore), Starfury is a unique project dedicated entirely to integrating the revolutionary Minecraft work that our team has already created, expanding upon it, and giving it the front and center focus it deserves.

🔥 Starfury Awakens!

We’re thrilled to announce that under Starfury, our team will persist in crafting an epic airship adventure that will soon be accessible to all! While there may be fresh faces both among the crew and the characters, our mission remains resolute and unwavering.

Yet, with this exciting journey, come significant changes. Firstly, Starfury has departed from the Starfall team, carving its own path. Now equipped with our own website, Discord server, and a distinct brand identity separate from Starfall, we’re poised for new horizons.

Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to be amazed as Starfury charts its course into uncharted territories!

Crafting Connections, Building Fun: Where Every Block Tells a Story.
Follow Starfury here:

💫 Safe Travels, Skyward Adventurers!

So, as you can see, the last few months were big here at Starfall. However, while the team has changed, we believe the Starfall Community will only grow stronger for it. And so, as we here at Starfall D&D and the Minecraft team chart our separate paths, we extend our deepest appreciation for your unwavering support. Together, let us continue to explore, innovate, and inspire as we venture forth into the Skylands of Starfall!

Until we meet again under the Arcus,
Xoxo Lumi



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March 15th, 2024
Community Update, D&D

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